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Some of you may know, some couldn't understand my polish post, so I will quickly remind, I do not tolerate fake people, two-faced people... and Lactose. The last one is actually the worst one. When you can handle ignoring these people than you cannot handle eating! Especially when you love mozzarella!

There could be always a solution, right? Right! So when I am home alone I cook for myself, but when we are home together with my boyfriend I try to not cook because he is gluten & lactose intolerant... now tell me: how sad...

It is actually sad, but we treat more as a challenge!

I was home alone today, so decided to cook some yummy pasta, which CONTAINS gluten (you can always swap it for gluten free..)  with some LACTOSE-FREE mozzarella (TESCO!!!!)  fresh cherry tomatoes, passata, olive oil & basil. yum yum yum

                                   It's easier than anything else.

Cook pasta- al dente

Mix mozzarella with tomatoes, passata, basil, salt and olive oil.

You can e…

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